Friday, June 22, 2012

Mts Blaze Modems Unlocking Solution Here

Mts blaze uses the evdo CDMA technology for connectivity. they provide their service through a variety of models of modem like mmx 250c, ec220, etc. this trick works for any CDMA modem like tata Indicom or reliance CDMA. The trick is quite simple and you can unlock your mts in just 5 mins by reading this detailed step by step guide. first of the things you need to make sure is that there is a provision to use a sim in your mts modem. if there is a sim slot you can proceed. you will need to download a few software to do the unlocking your mts and you will also need the SPC code for your mts mblaze modem. the procedure is the same for any model of mts mblaze. like Huawei or Micromax or zte.

Step by step guide to unlocking mts modems:-

  • Mts disables the ruim facility of the modem before they sell it. all you need to do is enable the ruim (removable user identity module). this can be done easily by the CDMA workshop.
  • Download and install the CDMA workshop software from here. kindly remember to disable the antivirus before downloading this software because a few antiviruses considers CDMA workshop crack as a virus.
  • Run the CDMA workshop software that you just downloaded to unlock mts modem.
  • In the common port drop-down list select the com port to which you connected the mts modem, refer to the screenshot.
  • and click on the connect button.
  • After the mts modem is connected select the security tab and select SPC. input 000000 in the box click SPC and click send. 000000 is the default spc for mts. if this SPC is not correct then try to use the read SPC option from the CDMA workshop the function is available in only a few mts modem models.
  • It will show SPC accepted. if this message doesn't appear unlocking will be very hard
  • Now select the “other” tab and in the ruim select ruim if available or to ruim only and click on the send button. this makes your non-ruim mts modem to ruim.
  • That's it you have successfully unlocked your mts modem
  • If you select ruim only then the default mts service will not work
  • If you select ruim if available then you can use mts without the sim and other services when you insert the sim into the mts modem
If you have any trouble other than the wrong SPC code please comment here. if your SPC was wrong you can try to read SPC code using the option in the CDMA workshop. this feature is available in some models only. I hope you will enjoy it.
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  1. nice tutorial.. thanks a lot.. i was playing with a Huwaei ec159 locked to reliance while come across this. Any idea about Reliance SPC.. is there any SPC attempt limits in cdma workshop..?

  2. i have tryed and its showing spc code is wrong any other alternetives pls let me know

  3. every thing goes ok..but after not showing with ruim inserted.
    One more thing,every time i reinsert the modem itself reset to "NV ONLY"mode. :(
    any idea abt this problem?

    i was trying to unlock MTS EC122.

  4. how to kw my data cards com
    watever i select its coming as it doesnot exist

  5. I Unlocked using this method. But how can i use other network sim cards. The modem shows signal when plugged into the usb. I sthere any option for changing settings for the modem.