Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unlock ZTE MF616 3G Usb Modem Free

ZTE MF616 is a high speed mobile broadband device which provides high speed up-to 3.6mbps to the users in Indian market it may cost around 2100Rs-To 2400 Rs. MF616 is a USB GSM modem that supports 7.2 Mbps UMTS network. This modem can be used almost for any GSM network anywhere. Type that uses a USB 2.0 connection also allows MF616 modem can be used almost in all types of PCs, computers, notebooks, netbooks and laptops. Driver has been planted in memory modem that can installed easily and plug and play. Outside the UMTS modem service can also be run on the GSM networks GPRS / EDGE on the frequencies 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz.

How to unlock ZTE mf 616 modem :-

  • First Of All get ZTE MF616 Unlocker From Here
  • Install DC Unlocker/ZTE MF616 Unlocker As shows Here
  • Now Open DC unlocker and in Manufacture drop down menu select ZTE DATA CARDS and in Model Number Select AUTO DETECT and Click On Search refer below screen shot
  • Now it will search you modem and after it you can see following window showing your modem unlocking status
  • Now Check Unlocking  tab on DC unlocker click on it and then Select Unlock and it will unlock your modem and you are Done Enjoy : Create new profile for you network provider (Using APN and User name and password), try to connect to the internet now.

Hope you will be able to unlock your Modem
You can comment below if you are facing any issue, or simply say thanks for the above article
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