Wednesday, January 2, 2013

APN settings on ZTE MF30/MF60 WiFi / MiFi hotspots Free

I have already written the unlocking procedure of  ZTE MF30/MF60 WiFi / MiFi hotspots which you can find in my blog. Now I am going to explain how you can create a new profile in your unlocked  ZTE MF30/MF60 WiFi / MiFi hotspots.

Step by step guide to create a profile inside the unlocked zte mf30/mf60 WiFi / MiFi hotspots :

  • Sufficient charge your ZTE MF30/MF60 WiFi / MiFi hotspots and connect using WiFi to PC.
  • Login to your ZTE MF30/MF60 WiFi / MiFi hotspots dashboard at and go to Settings or  Tools (It may be slightly as per the network locked to).
  • Here choose Dial-up / Options and go to Profile Management and click on New.
  • Put in the Profile Name and APN as per your network provider. Here make sure that choose “static” for APN. If your network requires username and password, enter accordingly. Put *99# in the Dial-up number if required and leave blank in all other fields (user name and password).
  • Click on save to save your created profile.
  • Now go to Mobile Connection and select the new profile from the Profile List and choose to Apply.
  • Now you have followed every step and, you can surf the net now.

Note :- It may be slightly different, you have to figure out where to create the profile in unlocked ZTE MF30/MF60 WiFi / MiFi hotspots.

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