Monday, July 29, 2013

Unlock Aircel Micromax MMX352G Data Card

Few months back you have learned a hack about How to Unlock Micromax MMX 610U Airtel USB Datacard and now you will learn a trick about how to Unlock AIRCEL Micromax MMX352G Data Card using Micromax MMX352G firmware Unlocker. This unlocking method will work only for aircel Micromax MMX352G 3G USB Modem which involves updating the firmware in your usb stick. so please be careful while upgrading the firmware and follow the instructions carefully.Micromax MMX352G USB Modem Micromax MMX352G Data Card Unlocker AIRCEL.Before proceeding ahead there are few points which you should be aware of and which needs to be taken care of while unlocking your usb modem.
Make sure that no power fluctuation happens while upgrading firmware, because it may result in crash of firmware in your data card and your data card might stop working properly. Kill other running process of the modem before starting the firmware upgrade process.Download Firmware for Micromax MMX352G Data Card Unlocker file and save it on your hard disk (File Size = 35.21MB).

Steps to Unlock Micromax MMX352G data card of Aircel :-

  • Plug-in the usb modem in your computer.
  • Close the aircel mobile partner software (Aircel mobile partner software starts running automatically when  you insert the modem in your PC)
  • Extract downloaded firmware zip file and Run the MMX352G_MICROMAX_INDIA_V5.497_M_8. file
  • Click on Start button.
  • Wait till the time setup process completes.
  • Remove the USB Modem.
  • Restart your PC/Computer.
  • Done!, Your modem is now unlocked and you can use any SIM in the usb modem.

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