Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Make a Connect Modem & Work Properly

I got many comments that related to modem connection issue like  modem is not connected, no network etc.., that’s why i have to here with this tutorial which cover all the issue related to modem connection and disconnection so read it carefully and connect your modem properly in order to get best from it.

Steps To Get Connect Your Modem Properly :-

  • First of all plug your modem in the proper USB Port ( Avoid using USB Hubs ).
  • As soon as you plug your modem first of all it will install some drivers so kindly don’t interrupt it and let it install all drivers, as it completes installing driver it will open a Auto run Menu/ Installer or a CD-ROM Drive so don’t be hurry .
  • Then install The Dashboard.
  • As soon as it completes installing the dashboard it will start to install the remaining drivers so again kindly let it install , and don’t interrupt it. as it completes installing the driver it will Auto open the dashboard by self.
  • Done. Now Start Using the Modem

How To check Modem Is Connected Or Not ?

It is too easy to check that your modem is connected to computer or not
  • Open the Dashboard
  • Go To Tools >> and check is diagnostics option is highlighted or not ? if its highlighted then yes, your modem is connected and if its not the something has gone wrong and your modem is not connected. (Refer Below Screen Shots)

Modem Connected Modem Not Connected

Reasons Your Modem Not Connected ??
Problem 1:- You have not followed the proper steps
Solution :- Kindly uninstall the dashboard from control panel and then follow the listed steps again

Problem 2: – Your modem has something wrong in Modem.
Solution:- Kindly update your modem Firmware .
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