Friday, January 1, 2016

How to Install Driver for Android Phone and Tablet

Android USB drivers are a necessary tool in your PC and Mac. They act as a bridge between your mobile device and your PC helping them to interact and communicate. The USB drivers help in connecting our phones to your computer and performing tasks like transferring photos and other data. Furthermore, they help in connecting your Android device to tools like Odin and Sony Flash tool.
They are plenty of manufactures and it may be hard for you to track down the required USB drivers. In this article, we have provided the USB drivers for most of the popular Android Manufacturers like Sony, Huawei, Google, Motorola and more. Since these links are provided by the respective manufacturers they are safe to use. Go to your required manufacturer and download the latest USB drivers.

We are going to describe how to install drivers on android tablet & mobiles.

  • The very first step in installing driver is to connect the Tablet to the computer through USB.
  • Now back to the PC , in some case the driver are installed automatically while in some we have to manually download the driver.
  • In manual download ,we have to go to device manager which can be open through search menu on start icon.
  • Under the device manager menu , click on other , then under other there is android option, right click on it and then under it click on update software.
  • There appear two option ,select the first option which will look for the driver on the internet. Your PC must be connected to internet. If this method fails then try on next method.
  • Again right click on android option and select update driver software.
  • Now stick to the second option ( Browse My computer for driver install), there appears two option , select the first one and click on browse to set the folder path, if the driver is in the computer then it will install it. But if  the driver is not on PC, switch on to next method.
  • The third method as similar to first two, right click on android , then click on update driver software. After it select the second option , here again two option arrive , out of which select the second option.
  • Now several icon appears , out of which select the ADB interface , if the driver are present on the PC it will appear but if the driver is not present ,this method will not work.
  • Now coming to the next method, we have to install the driver using ADB driver installer.
  • Download and open it. Below is the interface of the Adb Driver installer.
  • Now a menu appears in which our tablet has been enlisted and then click on install . wait for few seconds then a icon appears which shows that driver installation successful.
  • Now move back to device manager and check whether  the driver is showing or not.
  • You can have anyone of these methods to install driver successfully on your tablet.
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