Sunday, June 12, 2016

Unlock Customized Airtel’s Huawei E5573s-606 Mobile Hotspot WiFi Router

Airtel India has recently launched a new Huawei Mobile Wifi Hotspot Router, E5573s-606 (Huawei E5573). It comes customized firmware and there is no option to enter the unlock code. When you will insert a non-airtel sim card, then it will show already used 10 codes and attempts to try is 0. So, Here i am going to share how can you unlock Airtel E5573s-606 Hotspot Very easily.On internet there are many who takes money for unlock code. But i will not take nothing,They just a software for unlock codes that i will tell you in below steps.


  1. P711s-E5_Update_21.
  2. Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21.
  3. Huawei hilink drivers
  4. Universal Master Code
  5. Huawei Calculator New V4
  6. Drivers v4.25 / v5.01  (if pc not detecting the hotspot)
Note:- Make sure that your router is charged at-least 50%.


  • Connect your Huawei E5573s-606 router to pc or laptop via USB cable.
  • Make sure that your router is charged at-least 50%.
  • Extract the zip file P711s-E5_Update_21. and Open P711s-E5_Update_21.
  • It will ask a password. Use firmware code as password.
  • Then Open Universal Master Code Calculator.
  • Enter Your Airtel wifi hotspot IMEI Number (click here to see how to find out imei in airtel e5573s-606 wifi hotspot)
  • Enter the IMEI no. in Universal Master Code Calculator.
  • Click on Calculate and Copy the Flash code from there and paste where the firmware is asking password.
  • After successful installing the firmware switch off the router or remove the battery and re-insert battery in device and turn it ON.
  • If it is not detected by PC due for drivers problem then update the drivers (You have already downloaded Huawei Hi-link drivers from above).
  • Download DC Unlocker (if you haven't download from above)
  • Extract it and Open DC Unlocker
  • Scan your Modem
  • Enter a Code AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 and Press Enter from your Keyboard.
  • Now it will show some nv codes.
  • Now Extract Hauwei Calculator New V4 and Open it.
  • Copy and Paste the Pattern 1 & Pattern 2 in Huawei Calculator New V4 as shown in below screenshots
  • Now again open the Huawei Master Code and See the Unlock Code (where you see flash code)
  • Paste in NCK/OEM Unlock Code
  • Click Calculate Code.
  • After Finishing it will the nck/oem unlock code.
  • Insert non-airtel sim card in your airtel hotspot and insert in your pc/laptop
  • Now extract Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21. and install the firmware. Now you will be enter unlock code.
  • Then 192.168.X.X page will open in browser and asks for SIM LOCK CODE
  • Enter the NCK/OEM Unlock Code in that and Unlock it.
  • That's it now you can use any sim card in your airtel e5573s-606 hotspot.
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