Friday, July 6, 2012

Huawei EG162G Unlock USB Modem

Another tutorial, i want to share which is on how to  unlocked Huawei EG162G idea net setter Data Card.If you facing Problem to use different Network In Idea Net setter Huawei EG162G MODEM If you have another model  please refer my previous post on Unlock idea NetSetter Huawei E1550. Get Unlock Code . Just Share Our Website.Idea netsetter 2g-Eg162g

You can easily unlock your device by following steps below…

  • Put any other sim card.
  • A prompt will ask you to enter the unlock code
  • The unlock code depends on the IMEI number of the device
  • Then you need the help of a softwere called Universal MasterCode
  • You can download this from the following link
  • Open the Universal MasterCode software.
  • Enter your IMEI code as shown in figure.
  • Copy the unlock code and paste it in the prompt and press enter.
You have 10 attempts only.
Exceed 10 attempts and your device will get locked for ever..
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  1. how to get prompt to enter unlock code

  2. my huawei eg162g netsetter has been unlocked though it's showing like you can not connect before an register network

  3. pls can somebody tel me hot to unlock the data card of my modem with IMEI:NUMBER 353474023026354 AND S/N:D85TAA1910808829. GOD BLESS YOU

  4. i have lost my 10 attempt what should i do to unlock my net setter plz give me rply .....