Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Convert Huawei K3765 to E1762 (Firmware Update)

In my Last Post I described about the firmware update of Huawei E3765 and its other Dashboard Downloads. Now here in this post i will show how to convert K3765 into E1762 so it can be used with other SIM Operators ie Unlocking the modem. To convert this modem into E1762 all you need to do is update the firmware in accordance with K3765. Here are the Steps you need to follow to update the firmware of the modem.

Steps To Convert Huawei K3765 to E1762 :-

1. Download the Convertor from here.
Link :- Download
2. Now open the file you downloaded.
Note :-The file you downloaded is just a firmware to update this modem)
3. Now just Install the Firmware in your Modem.
Note :- How to Install Firmware In the Modem
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