Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Airtel Huawei E1731 Unlock [IMEI 86** Series]

Airtel E1731 (173Cs-1) can be unlocked now using new algo unlock code calculator. Yesterday DC Unlocker released the latest version for Algo Unlock Code calculator. Now here is the trick for Huawei E1731 Unlock (E173Cs-1).there were many factors out nowadays regarding all edition of Airtel huawei E1731 discover in which i had also offered opening of airtel new edition E1731 which is know as E173Cs-1 or Airtel new edition hub or Airtel 86******* sequence IMEI hub or Airtel Personalized Firmware Modem or Airtel Huawei New E1731 at there in content i described that you have to control the discover value for that kind of hub as huawei has produce their new protection  for discover value finance calculator ,
And These times i am here with a no cost discover value finance calculator for Airtel E1731 Last night DC-Unlocker Group has declared new edition of “DC-unlocker customer application V1.00.0890″ in which they have included the Unlock value producing for new not customized Huawei locations (new algo) like  Concept E303, Airtel E1731 (E173Cs-1),Etc. So go forward and have it.

For unlocking airtel e1731 we need

  1. Download Firmware Update
  2. Download DC Unlocker V1.00.890

Unlock New Airtel Huawei E1731 [IMEI 86** Series] :-

  • Firstly update the customized firmware of Bharti Airtel Using Modem India Dashboard Including All APN’s From here (Unlock-Huawei-Zte Ultimate Dashboard).~(Tutorial For Updating Dasboard of any modem).
  • Now we will flash the modem using a Firmware which you can download from here.Airtel E173Cs-1 Update_21.
  • Now Install the firmware (Tutorial for installing firmware of any modem) , if asked for password enter the flash code of the modem.
  • Now connect your modem using some other sim , it will ask for the unlock code, so now we have to find this unlock code.
  • Download DC Unlocker Client_V1.00.890 from DC Unlocker and Install it.
  • Now open DC Unlocker software and select Huawei Modems and auto detect and check for the modem, then goto server tab click on check login.
  • Now instead of auto detect select E303..
  • Then GOTO Unlocking Tab and select Generate Unlock Code by IMEI and Click on DO Job. Now use this Unlock code to unlock your modem (You need a DC Unlocker Dongle).
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