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New !dea Netsetter Huawei E1550 Latest Firmware Permanent Unlock

Your Computer Antivrus must be disabled
Unlock Huawei !dea NetSetter E1550 Latest Firmware Version 11.609.20.03.356.Trick to unlock huawei idea netsetter e1550 latest firmware permanently. It was almost impossible to unlock huawei idea netsetter e1550 latest firmware version 11.609.20.03.356. but now it is possible and is very easy. its similiar to unlocking e 1732 by firmware downgrade. if you unlock your modem you can use any provider sim in your e 1550 latest firmware modem by following these simple steps. the trick was tested and found working and its absolutely free.
So friends lets go and do it. first of all to unlock e1550 idea netsetter latest firmware version you need to download two softwares. there is another important point to note. you must disable your pc antivirus before downloading and running this softwares. cdma workshop file appears as a virus for many antivirus but it wont harm you in any way. so just disable antivirus, you can enable it after unlocking. so lets begin

Step by step guide to unlock huawei e1550 latest firmware 11.609.20.03.356:-

  • Download cdma workshop from here.your antivirus must be disabled before downloading and running cdma workshop
  • You need to download one more software, e1550 downgrader software
  • Now insert any non idea sim into your e1550 latest firmware version modem. and plug in the modem to the pc.
  • Go to device manager and click on the modem in the list of devices and find the port number of your huawei e1550 idea netsetter.
  • Right click on your “My Computer” icon > Properties > Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT)  > HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM [The port number appear in your system] ).
  • Now double click and extract the cdma workshop (Note: antivrus must be disabled).
  • Now select the com port in cdma workshop you just noted from device manager (if the connected com port is not in the list you will have to change the com port number from the device manager)
  • Now click on the connect button and the connect read.
  • Now Go to security tab Type “000000” in the blank box under “SPC” > Click on “SPC” button > Click on “Send” with Default (nv_read) as SPC.
  • Click on “Memory” tab > NV Items > Read > Now a “Conform” box will appear > Click “OK” > Now a “NV Items Backup” box will appear > In the box straight to “Last NV Item” type “9999” > Click “OK” > Save the file by giving a file name you like (Eg: E1550Unlock etc.)
  • Now the buffer will start running and once the buffering is finished your file is saved automatically
  • Now a “Information” box will appear  Click “OK
  • Minimise “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0

Step by step !dea Netsetter huawei e1550 Downgrader:-

  • Run the Huawei E1550 Downgrader.exe file
  • I accept the agreement.( mark in box)
  • Next.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the search for your modem finishes
  • (Don’t mark on “Auto remove the device after update”) 
  • Next (Don’t remove your data card until the process is finished)
  • Start
  • Run Universal Master Code Calculator and insert Netsetter IMEI number Press Calcuate button.
  • Copy Flash Code (as Password) insert.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the search for your modem finishes
  • Wait for a few seconds until the downloading programs your modem finishes.
  • Wait for a few seconds restore user's data start,please wait.
  • At the end of “Downloading Programs…” you will get a “Update Failure!” error dialog box (DON’T WORRY & DON’T GET DISAPPOINTED)
  • Click “OK” and “Finish".
  • Restore the cdma workshop window. in cdma workshop go to “main” tab and click on disconnect
  • Unplug idea netsetter e1550 modem from pc.
  • Now plug in the e1550 modem in again
  • Go to “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0” select the Port that you noted from your Device Manager under the Port option in “COM Settings (AT mode)” under the “Main” tab as we did before > Click on “Connect” > “Memory” tab > NV Items > Click on “Write” > A “Confirm” box will appear > Click “OK” > “Open” dialog box will appear > Open the file that you saved before > When the buffer reach “100%” a “Information” dialog box appears with a success message > Click “OK” > “Main” tab > Disconnect.
  • Now close “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0” > A “Confirm” dialogue box will appear > Click “NO
  • Close everything > Enable your Antivirus.
Thats all. you have successfully unlocked your !dea netsetter e1550 modem with latest firmware version 11.609.20.03.356. now you can use any sim in to connect to internet. so friends enjoy the trick.once you have unlocked and want to use another provider you will need to change apn settings to connect to the new provider. but in some idea dashboads its impossible to change the apn settings. so in such cases you can download and install huawei mobile partner dashboard from here

So friends you are done. now if you have any trouble please comment here. and if you liked my post please share it with your friends and like us on facebook. thanks for reading
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