Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Idea Netsetter E1732 Lost Iemi Solution

Many of the readers asked for solution for lost iemi while unlocking the idea netsetter e1732 here. if you have any trouble with lost iemi here is the solution. you can read about e 1732 permanent unlocking by visiting the post below. Fact regarding unlocking Idea Huawei E1732 7.2mbps model.Unlock Huawei E-1732 Idea Netsetter permanently. Solution for Idea E1732 and E1550 Signal Problem (after unlocking)

Download idea netsetter e1732 unlock permanently

So if you had any trouble like loosing iemi you can update the firmware to the original version and restore iemi and everything and make it as new as when you bought it. and after restoring the original firmware and regaining your iemi you can try the unlocking again. so here is the solution for lost iemi. all you have to do is download the firmware updater for idea e 1732 netsetter from here and install it on your modem by following the on screen instruction of the updater

Download idea netsetter e1732 firmware updater

In cases if the updater ask for a password while firmware updater you can use the huawei code calculator to generate the flash code and use that flash code as password

Download the huawei code generator from here

Provide the iemi number of your modem and press calculate and use the flash code as password.After finishing the procedure you can repeat the unlocking procedure. and sorry for delaying the solution. 
If you have any queries regarding the iemi recovery process please comment here.
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