Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Huawei Unlock Code Calculator / Generator

Huawei Unlock Codes are essential for Unlocking the Modems that we must have to calculate the unlock code for the Huawei Modems using the Huawei Unlock Code Generator That Provides Free Unlock Codes, I am writing the solution on how to get unlock code because all of our readers are getting confused about the generating the unlock code.

What Is Huawei Unlock Code ?

Yes, First of all it comes in mind what is this unlock code ?….
Unlock Code is the code which is generated from the Modem’s IMEI number,Unlock code is generated by some digital logical process on the IMEI Number.
Huawei Unlock Code Calculation / Generation We can generate unlock code for Huawei modem easily by Universal Master Code as well as offline (By Using Some Software), Here is some method and Tutorial For you on calculation of Unlock Code For Huawei Dongle.

Find The IMEI Number :-

  • First of all we need to find the IMEI number of the modem we can easily find it by following ways
  • Check it on the back side of the modem or on Just Before the SIM Card  Port (Slot)
  • https://unlock-huawei-zte.blogspot.com/2013/10/huawei-unlock-code-calculator-generator.html
  • Or Open The Dashboard and Go-to TOOLS >> DIAGNOISIS >> and Check IMEI there
  • https://unlock-huawei-zte.blogspot.com/2013/10/huawei-unlock-code-calculator-generator.html

Determine Unlock Code Algorithm:-

Huawei Technologies has two algorithm Old Algo (Algorithm) / New Algo(Algorithm) that contains different logical sequence of unlock code calculation so we have to determine which algorithm does your modem support ? To Determine Which Algorithm is Supported By Your Modem Follow the Simple Step
  • Enter Your IMEI in IMEI Box and Click on Submit IMEI
  • Check Which Algo Your Modem Supported
If you have any problems doing this please comment here.
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