Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Use Universal Master Code Calculator to Generate All Huawei Modems Unlocking Codes

Here is the free universal usb modem unlocker software for breaking and generating usb modems unlocking codes so that they can function as universal so as to work with other network carrier and operator simcards.This universal(General modems unlocker) Zte 3G usb Modems Unlocker software is use for generating working zte usb modems, sfr 3G usb modems (modem neuf and neufbox), huwei 3G usb modems, Nokia phones, NEC and LG phones unlocking codes.

Universal Master Code Calculator to Generate All Huawei Unlocking Codes :-
Though i have given a separate modem unlocker software for unlocking specifically any hauwei 3G usb modems here, you can equally use this free universal modems to unlock your huawei modems and make them universal.

Modem 3G Sfr Unlocker Software

The universal modem unlocker software can also be used to unlocker sfr modems be it option modem sfr, modem sfr neufbox, iphone comme modem, modem neuf sfr etc. and generate their free unlocking codes.

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