Friday, August 3, 2012

New Huawei E1750c Aircel (India) Modem Unlocking Method – DC Unlocker

At last Aircel Modem E1750c Unlocking trick is there for you guys. Its a simple trick as i explained in earlier process to use DC unlocker. Now you can just unlock the modem using dc unlocker and can use your favourite 3G network. This was the most awaited unlocking trick so far it was concerned with aircel modems.
Here is your Aircel 3G Modem :-Download Required

New Huawei E1750c Aircel (India) Modem Unlocking Method

Steps To Unlock :

  • Plugin your Modem and wait till it loads all its drivers.
  • Now search the modem in DC unlocker software.
  • Now it will show all the details about your Modem.
  • Just click on unlock under the Unlocking Tab and you are done.
IMP : You need a DC Unlocker Dongle for Unlocking this modem or you can buy credits.
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  1. sir i am doing this step but my dongle today not working.When i am attaching dongle my pc that time dongle software is not automatically open and it's source not display in my computer.And also dc unlocker display it's unlock.and also it's not taken signal.So please help me ...

  2. My dongle name is bsnl and it's model no is MF180 and company name ZTE .please help me sir.

  3. without any usr name and pawrd how can i unlock ??????? rubish.........

  4. asking username & password !!!! sunnnnn******i.