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Unlocking Idea 3G Net Setter Huawei E1732 (100% WORKING)

Idea netsetter 7.2 mbps  is most demanded usb dongle in my market which is too cheap(Approx 1400/- ),People are unlocking this modem for 75/- Rs or even more in some cities.But finally i am here sharing a permanent unlock solution for E1732 and other two alternet method to unlock idea netsetter.I have already discussed how to unlock idea netsetter E1732 ? But many people are failed to do so beacause of their small mistakes,So here i am posting one more articles to solve all the query related to unlock of ideanetsetter. Unlock huawei e1732 idea netsetter permanently

Before starting unlocking you need following two download it first and Extract it.

  1. CDMA Workshop - Download
  2. E1732 Downgrader - Download
  3. Mobile Partner 23 - Download

Unlock Huawei E1732 (Idea) 7.2 mbps usb 3G modem

Unlocking of Huawei E1732 can be done in 3 portion,Here we have to downgrade the firmware of the modem because the idea 7.2 mbps modem comes with customized Firmware.
  • Right click on you My Computer-->Select Properties-->Select Device Manager
  • Now device manager window appears,Select Ports(COM & LPT)
  • Refer following screenshot and select Huawei Mobile Connect – 3G Application interface and Note down the Post No. (Here Any Port)
  • Now Run CDMA Workshop.Exe From CDMA_Workshop and Click on Main and select the com port number in COM Settings (AT mode) which you have note down in above step.
  • After that click on Connect Select button.Don’t forget to check status !! It must shows ready if you have selected correct com port.
  • Now navigate to Memory tab and click on Read button. Instantly Confirm pop up box appears; Here Click On OK button as shown in below screenshot.
  • After that on more box appears, Here Set Last NV item to 9999
  • After that Save as box appears, Here you have to save Nv Backup file to your desire place with any name in your pc Be Careful........?
  • Now CDMA workshop starts reading and this will take some time approximately two minutes,After that you will see the following message and click on OK.
  • Now Run The E1732Update_11. from Huawei E1732 firmware E1732Update_11., Select "I accept the agreement" and click on next button.
  • This wizard will search your modem in your few seconds !! Make sure you have closed mobile partner 23 or Idea internet dashboard,If one of these application is opened then Firmware not able find your modem and shows error
  • Read and Follow the instruction carefully and Click on Start button.
  • Click On Next button.
  • Now the Application starts downloading firmware to your modem
  • After completing above process,you will get massage like update failure,Don’t worry and click on OK  and Finish !! Now you are done,Second portion of the firmware downgrading is completed.
  • This is the last portion of the unlocking here you have to write Nv backup file to modem,which you have stored previously at the starting of the unlocking in the first portion.
  • Now Run CDMA workshop again.Confirm the port number again from device manager.
  • And select port no Click on Main tab and select the com port number in COM Settings(AT mode) which you have note down in above step (Here COM 12 ). After that click on Connect Select button.Refer the following screenshot for better understanding
  • Now Quickly navigate to Memory tab and click on write button.After that Browse and open the Nv Backup file (Here e1732.txt)
  • As you click on write open button Cdma workshop instantly starts writing this file to your modem.this process will completed in few seconds !!
  • When the process will reach at 100% you can see success message then click on OK and Close the CDMA workshop,It will ask for “To send Reset Command” click on No
  • Disconnect your modem and Insert it are Done !! Now your modem is Unlocked.
  • After Unlocking your Huawei modem,Mobile partner is essential software that you need.Because in unlocked modem default dashboard not gives maximum flexibility.
  • Install Mobile partner 23 and  enjoy Voice and USSD Features
  • Now CDMA workshop starts reading and this will take some time approximately two minutes,After that you will see the following message and click on OK.

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