Monday, May 18, 2015

Huawei Linux Driver Download And Installation

We have already coveredsetting Huawei data card in Ubuntu Linux , and this post you can find detailed tutorial to setting up Huawei 3g data card in the Linux along with the Huawei Linux Driver.

Huawei linux driver installation :-

  • Download Huawei Linux Driver
  • Open and extract the package of the Linux Driver Tool for HUAWEI Data Card device on the Desktop. Then you will get the “driver” directory.
  • Open the Terminal tool and switch the user into super user (root).Huawei Linux Driver
  • Enter the directory path of the Linux Driver Tool.  For example, as the follows
  • Type the command of “./install”, and make the path of the “driver” directory as the parameter, then click the “Enter” button to install the Linux Driver Tool.
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