Sunday, August 2, 2015

Firmware Upgrade Guide for Huawei Modem Dongle

I had previously written article about “How to update the Dashboard of any Huawei Modem Dongle DataCard?“. Today, I am writing article about how to update the firmware of any Huawei modem Dongle.

Why firmware update is necessary ?

Some modems comes with customized firmware and to unlock the modem, you need to flash the modem first. After flashing the modem only Customized modem accept unlock code.
Huawei modems comes in market with old software and lower version firmware. If you want to update the firmware to enjoy bug free internet then also it is essential to upgrade the firmware of Huawei modem.

How to update the firmware of any Huawei modem :-

  • Download the appropriate firmware for your Huawei modem.
  • Plug the USB stick into your PC / laptop and let it install the Mobile Partner software.
  • After the Mobile Partner software has been installed properly in your PC, connect to the internet and download the Firmware Upgrade file to the Desktop.
  • Now disconnect from internet and close the Mobile Partner application completely.
  • Double-click the Firmware Upgrade file.
  • Wait for the Firmware Upgrade file to search for your USB stick.
  • Once firmware detect the dongle, you will see – Communication port, Connetion status, Current Version, Target Version, IMEI of your modem and download mode.
  • Now check mark on Auto remove the device after update.
  • Now click Next to begin the firmware upgrade.
  • A warning notice will appear. Please note that any disruption to the upgrade process will corrupt the firmware. Thus, do not unplug the USB Modem or shutdown PC during the upgrade process.
  • Wait for the upgrade process to be completed. Please be patient. This may take a few minutes.
  • You will see Downloading Progress…… bar, wait till it finishes.
  • Once the upgrade process is completed, you will come to this final screen – Update Success!. Now your firmware has now been successfully upgraded.
  • Now click on finish and you can eject the modem.
Download firmware update of Huawei modem Dongle
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