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How To Easily Unlock Your Idea 2G/3G Netsetter At Home

So, you want to unlock your Idea net setter but do you know after unlocking it, the NetSetter will be out of warranty terms and conditions? It’s my duty to tell you about the demerits of unlocking any NetSetter because it is against the company rules.
However, if you are unsatisfied with the Idea net pack plans and wanna use another network operator’s SIM card in Idea netsetter, then you can easily unlock your Idea 2G/3G Netsetter even at the home! After the net setter unlocked, you can use any Telecom Operator SIM to surf Internet through your Idea Netsetter.

How To Unlock Idea 2G/3G Netsetter At Home

So, the time has come to learn – how can you unlock your Idea 2G/3G net setter very easily at home. In this regard, this article will be proven very helpful to you because I’ve written 2 different methods to unlock your Idea Netsetter.

Method #1: Unlock Idea Netsetter Using Universal Master Code

Now, follow the simple steps to unlock Idea net setter using Universal Master Code:
  • First all all, find out the IMEI number of your data card (commonly found at back side of dongle) and note it down on a paper or in the notepad.
  • Now, put the non-Idea SIM card in the Netsetter and attach Netsetter into Laptop or Desktop. Wait a moment and it will automatically ask you to enter the Unlock code.
  • You might be thinking that how will you get the unlock code? So, let me tell you, to find out the unlock code you’ve to download Universal Master Code software from the web and then run it on your computer.
  • Now, enter the IMEI number of your Idea dongle and click on Calculate ans instantly it will show you the Unlock and Flash codes.
  • Finally, enter this Unlock code in “Unlock the data card” box and click on OK. That’s it!
That’s all guys. Now create a new profile for your non-Idea SIM and start surfing Internet using your unlocked Idea Netsetter. To create a new profile of non-Idea operator, navigate to Tools menu > Options > Profile Management > New and fill the details to set up the profile.

Method #2: Unlock Idea Netsetter Using Huawei Firmware Patcher

If the above method doesn’t work, then you can try this method to unlock your Idea net setter. With the help of this method you can unlock your Idea net setter using Huawei Firmware Patcher. So, look at the following steps to unlock your Idea Net Setter using Huawei Firmware Patcher.
  • Initially, download the Huawei Firmware Patcher from the Internet on your computer.
  • Now, plug-in the data card in computer’s USB Drive and wait until the drivers get installed successfully.
  • Its time to run the downloaded Huawei Firmware Patcher. It will automatically detect the Idea Netsetter via COM port.
  • Finally, click on Unlock button and it will start the unlocking process and after some time the Netsetter will be unlocked.
When the process is completed, you will be notified and your Idea Netsetter will be totally unlocked and any GSM sim cards can be used to surf Internet. I’ve already told you about creating new profile for relevant SIM card in Idea Netsetter.
So, now I had these two methods to unlock your Idea net setter at home and whenever I will find any new method to do so, then I will definitely share with you!
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