Friday, July 6, 2012

Flash Idea Netsetter 2G Huawei E162G Modem

Huawei EG162G modem is a new data card launched by huawei recently and here is a list of features you would love to know about EG162G and how to flash idea netsetter eg162g modem right after that you will get huawei EG162G firmware download link for free.

How to flash idea netsetter EG162G usb modem :-

For unlocking idea netsetter 2g we need
  1. Download EG162G flasher free
  2. Download Universal Master Code free

Step by step flash idea netsetter EG162G usb modem :-

  • Copy the IMEI of the device
  • It is needed to get the flash code.
  • Open the Universal MasterCode software.
  • Enter IMEI of the device and copy the flash code.
  • Extract huawei_EG162Gflasher.rar and open the update file.
  • You will see a window showing the agreement
  • Then press next.
  • Then you will see a new window indicating that you are updating the software.
  • Press next
  • Then you will sea a warning message after that you will be asked to enter the flash code.
  • Enter the flash code
  • Press next and you will see a window showing update progress.
  • After completing it press finish.
Now your device is unlocked.
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