Monday, June 20, 2016

How To Decode Vodafone Huawei K3770 USB Modem

Usually i don't write technology but i figured this particular modem series has been making the waves and people are having problems with its drivers and installation. I decided to take it upon myself to find a solution and i found it.
Disclaimer : If this information is illegal in your country or jurisdiction, you use it at your own risk and you agree to take full responsibility of the consequences there after.


  • Connect the vodafone modem with the original SIM and allow it to install the dashboard.
  • When the installation is complete, check if the SIM card has been recognized, if not, download this software and install.
  • Remove the sliding cover and check for the IMEI number.
  • Download the huawei unlock calculator and use it to generate the unlock code for your modem.
  • Enter the IMEI code to calculate the unlock code.
  • Copy the unlock code and not the flash code.
  • Unplug the modem and change the SIM card to a different SIM on another network.
  • Plug in the modem and after initialization, it will prompt you for "UNLOCK CODE".
  • Enter the 10 digit generated code from the unlock calculator.
  • At this point, if the code was accepted, your modem is unlocked.
  • For vodafone users, you may have to continue with the following steps. I have compiled a dashboard with the original huawei source code into a flasher or dashboard updater. This will help put the new working mobile partner interface onto the modem. Download the flasher or dashboard updater here.
  • Just run the updater and flash the vodafone dashboard with the new dashboard. After completion, your modem is ready for use
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