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How to Easily Unlock ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT

After the previous admin has dealt modem Unlock Bolt! 4G Huawei E5372s now admin will discuss thoroughly how to Unlock BOLT 4G modem ZTE MF90. BOLT 4G ZTE MF90 is a product of the latest modem from ZTE that some time ago launched and now you can buy in electronics market Indonesia. The internet connection is in use on BOLT 4G modem ZTE MF90 is using the claimed buffer broadbrand connection to access internet speeds up to 10x faster 4G. BOLT 4G Modem Specifications ZTE MF90, carried with additional features Wifi / Hotspot a tool used as a hotspot we can carry it everywhere. So with the Portable Hotspot, we do not need to sit down somewhere to use the Wi-Fi.
Price ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT in bandrol a price of Rp 300 thousand. But unfortunately ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT has in me-lock so it can not be used with other cards. So, users can only use BOLT card as the main card.Therefore, on this occasion I want to share how to Unlock ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT for you. How to Easily Unlock ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT I quote from the site and rewritten by grammar style can let different languages ​​and easy to understand. And the following is the Easy Way to Unlock ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT.

How to Easily Unlock ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT ?

  • To Unlock ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT course, we require an additional application, please download and isntall application below on your computer or laptop.
Download and Install DC Unlocker on your computer or your laptop (Download)
Download and extract the driver MF-90 (Download)
  • Place the card in addition to BOLT, and then turn the modem. Then connect your modem to your laptop or computer.
  • Open the DC unlocker as Administrator, by right click and select "Run as administrator".
  • Select ZTE modems in the selection below Select manufacturer and let it auto-detect. Then scan the modem by clicking the image Magnifier.
  • Then will appear the modem not found, this happens because the modem driver is not installed. Open Device Manager on the computer or your laptop, then look for ZTE LTE Technologies MSM then select Update Driver Software and select the driver you've put on the desktop earlier.
  • If you have updated, scan back modem to appear like this. SIM Lock status section modem status is Locked, this means the modem still can not use another card.
  • Then select the Servers tab and enter any username and password.
  • Then to Unlocking tab and select Unlock. The message "Error code 12" means you have successfully unlock ZTE MF90 4G Modem BOLT.
  • Turn off the modem BOLT by pressing the power button and hold for about 5 seconds until the indicator signal and the battery is dead, and disconnect the modem from the laptop or computer BOLT. Then open the battery cover and press the Reset button located near the SIM card.
  • Restart the modem. If the signal indicator has been colored green, it means you are able to use a modem to access the Internet.
Well that was an easy way to unlock tutorial BOLT 4G modem ZTE MF90, now you can replace the card menggonta internet card provider in accordance with your choice.
Easy is not it? now you can bolt used in all areas in Indonesia
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