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How To Unlock Bolt MF-90 (MF90) Mifi Firmware B08 (Indonesia)

I purchased my Bolt MF-90 mifi and have enjoyed the fast speed of this device and its 4G LTE connection. What I have been disappointed with is its coverage map and lock of mobility to other parts of Indonesia or to other countries. Consequently, I have been looking to unlock it. There is the dc-unlocker option which will cost you money or you could try a myriad of different free unlocking tutorials. Unfortunately for me, I had already upgraded the firmware to the latest B08 and none of these options worked for me.
Do this at your own RISK! No guarantees and no crying if you brick your device!
This is a recounting of my unlocking process. First, you will want to update the firmware to B07 or B08, if you haven’t already.  You can find the update download on the internet for B07 on other websites, while the official B08 firmware update is found on the Bolt website. First update it to B07 or B08. For the instructions below, it assumes that you have the latest B08 firmware. 1
Now you need to download some things. I strongly recommend that you download it to a simple place like at the C:\ directory under a folder that you create like MF90. Here are the items that I downloaded:

Go to the url below and download the entire adb folder and the dsp2.mbn file.

Follow these instructions to the letter :-

  • Get the device into adb debug mode (see the link to the second webpage) by plugging it into the usb plug and enter this into the browser :
  • It should say “Debug:OK” on the top of the browser if everything is working.
  • You need to use the windows dos window.  Go to the start menu and type in the “search programs and files” textbox at the bottom and type in cmd.  This will open up a dos window.  Use the cd command (change directory) and go to the folder to which you downloaded the adb folder and other files.
  • Double check that adb debug mode is working by typing in the dos window (the directory location within the square brackets should match where you downloaded the adb folder):
  • [C:\>]adb devices
  • You should see something like below
  • List of devices attached
  • MF90ZTEFFFS20000CP261798KP6._F5????????????????D? device
  • Now we are ready to make some changes.  Type in the dos window:
  • [C:\>]adb shell (after you type this, the prompt should change to a $ sign or some other sign than C:\ or D:\)
  • $ reboot bootloader
  • Wait until the power light is the only one remaining and the blue wifi and the blue bars are gone.  Now type in the dos window
  • [C:\>]fastboot devices
  • This should give you a response. NOTE:  I had trouble here and had to install the correct adb driver from the adb drivers folder which is included in the adb folder. You need to do this on control panel/device manager.  I had to install the drivers manually because my windows 7 did not find it automatically.
  • Now we are going to use the dsp2 file from the B07 firmware and replace the B08 file.  Type in the dos window:
  • [C:\>]fastboot flash dsp2 dsp2.mbn (you should get a progress bar telling you that it is being flashed)
  • Next reboot
  • [C:\>]fastboot reboot
  • Once all the lights are back on, get back to adb debug mode by entering the following into your browser url:
  • Now you will want to edit the zlocknetapp file
  • [C:\>] adb pull /etc/init.d/zlocknetapp
  • This should download the file for you.
  • also delete it
  • [C:\>] adb shell
  • $rm /etc/init.d/zlocknetapp
  • $exit
  • Next open wordpad and make the following additions to the zlocknetapp file:
  • type “##” on the two lines below. “##” comments out the code so that it does not execute.
  • ## start-stop-daemon -S -b -a /usr/bin/zlocknetapp
  • ## start-stop-daemon -K -n zlocknetapp
  • Now upload it back
  • [C:\>] adb push zlocknetapp /etc/init.d/
  • Now you need to change it to an executable file
  • [C:\>] adb shell
  • $chmod +x /etc/init.d/zlocknetapp
  • $exit
  • Hit the reset button next to the battery to reset the mf 90 and you are good to go.
My MF90 started working immediately with another provider. Take a SIM card from a different provider like your cell phone’s SIM and it should work fine.
I hope that this helped you unlock your BOLT MF-90 Mifi with the latest firmware B08.
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