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How to Unlock The Huawei B970 HSDPA Modem

Today I am write here are few simple tips and step by step screenshots to unlock hauwei b970 HSDPA modem.I have 3G Huawei B970 modem locked to mobile network “VIVA” .I'll try to explain the way that I could unlock it.I have used the way for unlocking Huawei E220.Step by step instructions to unlock the huawei b970 HSDPA modem.
Described by Er.Dave in Thanks

Basic Requirements :-

1) Your Huawei B970 HSDPA modem
2) Essential Softwares:
  • Mobile Partner,
  • Dc-unlocker client,
  • Hex Editor,PSAS(Phone System Analisys Software) and
  • Huawei Code Tool.
I have zipped all these softwares into a single file for easier download.
For Hex Editor and Huawei Code Tool.exe requires no installation.Dc-unlocker client and PSAS(Phone System Analisys Software) installation is required.
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Step by step instructions to unlock the huawei b970 HSDPA modem:-

Step 1 :-

  • Remove the SIM card and connect the B970 Modem with USB cable to the PC. if your modem is recognized correctly in “Device manager”  of Control Panel you should see the following detected devices.
  • Mass Storage USB CD rom
  • 3G modem
  • Com Port interface – (remember number of com port -in example is COM11)
  • Bus enumerator device
  • Check com port number of 3G  modem
  • If some device is not recognized you must uninstall the all software for 3d modem and re-install mobile partner , and then reconnect the modem again for recognizing.

Step 2 :-

  • Check the status of device –( this step can skip)
  • Start DC-unlocker and check the status of device
  • Sometimes the software does not show the correct status and needs in the modem to insert the SIM card of a mobile operator to which the modem is locked
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Step 3 :-

  • Run PSAS and select : Hardware Forensics -> Use Mobile Ports
  • Select the correct COM interface which was detected in Device manager (COM11).
  • Select Command “Version Info”  in “DIAG” tab and Press Send. Then you will get version number and display Successfully Send Command at Bottom of the window if you correctly set the COM interface. If this not succes then make sure you are selected correct COM interface.
  • Now Select Read EFS (and set the End address as 00001000) and then press  Lets Go. Now you will be asked to save the file. Give the name as Flash.bin and save it anywhere. You will get Successfully read EFS if everything went ok.

Step 4 :-

  • Run XVI32 Hex Editor and Open the saved file Flash.bin.
  • Find the String 53 64 48  in the dump. Select menu item, Search -> Find:
  • In the same line of the corresponding place of the right side window will show the 8 digit lock code of your modem. It is easy to find, because there is no other 8 consecutive digit in the same line of the string 53 64 48 00. Just keep searching until you find an 8 digit code grouped together (16637135).

Step 5 :-

  • Run Huawei Modem Code Tool ->Scan for hardware dongle.
  • Your Huawei B770 HSDPA Modem should now be unlocked to any network..enjoy!
  • Do not forget to make hardware reset of the modem.
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Step 6 :-

Sometimes the modem firmware also is locked as the result of my modem. After unlocking the card device worked well as a router ... but connected as a usb modem started constantly restart. So I replaced the firmware and dashboard with “South Africa Vodacom TA Version 20091120”
  • Remove SIM card from router.
  • Connect Power supply to modem
  • Connect Router to PC with network Cable .
  • Configure Your PC network card  with static IP Address
  • a. IP:
    b. Subnet Mask:
    c. Default Gateway:
  • If everything is correct you can verify that page opens in a browser
  • Run “FmcUpdate.exe” in firmware folder . firmware file WLATCPK11007_UPDATE_ALL.BIN shouldbe there
  • Run “FmcUpdate.exe” in dashboard  dashboard  file Run “FmcUpdate.exe” in firmware folder . firmware file WLATCPK11007_UPDATE_ALL.BIN should be there.
  • That's all !!
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